Why Us?

Transforming Hope into Reality.

Alt3 where, due to extensive research and experience, we have developed a unique approach to help prolong and enhance life.
This has been designed specifically for a mature, aging population AND an increasing weight population, creating a health enlightenment.
These population sectors can have significant, life limiting, restrictions placed on them. We at believe this needs to change.
We also believe … the majority of people involved in giving exercise advice are young personal trainers and gym instructors. These people are well qualified and motivated and yet (usually) have absolutely no idea how a more mature body works, what it needs, how it feels.

We at Alt3 understand how it works, what it needs, how it feels.
We understand the aging process. We also understand how not to be restricted. We understand this is more than physical.

See for yourself …

Designed Specifically For A Mature Population

Several decades of understanding movement, mobility and energy, and as time progresses, a greater appreciation of the aging and weight process.

This is a lifelong research based on nutrition, health and fitness, self defence, martial arts, the philosophy and zen of movement – sculping a new future.

We understand restriction. We understand how to help minimize such restrictions by combatting the causes of restriction. We understand bodies – what they need to do and what they need. We understand that many restrictions can be changed so they no longer limit the quality of life. Not all, we cannot guarantee miracles, but enough to make that all important difference to you, helping to prolong and enhance your life.

We understand age and we understand energy and we understand how to change the future.

Our Research

We have conducted research into the aging process and the changes taking place within a body, creating an understanding of critical areas such as physical, psychological, spiritual energy flow, sleep, speed, bone density, among many others.

Combined very strongly with this is our extensive research into nutrition. What does the body need? What does the mature person and / or the person potentially carrying too much weight actually need?

We are not a chemical nutrition company. There are many chemical nutrition companies. We believe natural is best and so we have deliberately focused our attention on ancient superfoods, that is, organic plant products widely used by native peoples in specific regions of the world, renowned for their properties and positive physical impacts.

Over a number of years we narrowed this research down to a small number of ancient superfoods that would best fit our requirements for high levels of antioxidants and decreasing the reliance on sugar. We then created a framework of recipe production, product trialing, product assurance. From this was born “Morning Rush” – literally thousands of years in the making, designed to counteract the stresses of the dynamic 21st century.

Our Movement

Everything in the Universe moves. We are meant to move. Mobility is in our DNA. As we advance in years or as we gain too much weight, there is a tendency to reduce mobility. Reducing mobility results in reduced capability, and slowly we reduce out impact on the world even as all around us the Universe moves.

The Alt3 Halo Programme assesses this level of mobility and determines methods to increase mobility, and aligned with nutrition to increase movement, to increase the impact on the world so we simply don’t drift away with no one noticing the fading of yet another shadow.

You are more than this. Be more than this. Allow Alt3 to help you re-harness life … YOUR life. Everything in the Universe moves. We are a part of the wider Universe. We are meant to move. Let’s move and not be held back by other peoples restrictions. We are better than this.

Our Experience

Meet James Stuart – the man behind the brand.
“Experience and qualification are important. It’s important to understand how the mind and body works, how it responds, what it needs. The answers to these areas changes over time, evolving with age. It is because of this in-depth level of understanding and an appreciation of how the body transforms over time, we can say categorically that age need not be the barrier we are led to believe. We can do more. We can achieve dreams. Based on great experience we can reach further.”


We know this because of OUR experience:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Remedial Massage
  • Body Therapy
  • Body Mechanics
  • L2 Gym Instructor
  • L3 Personal Trainer
  • L3 Nutrition
  • L4 Advanced Nutrition
  • Advanced Tantra
  • Mature Fitness
  • Dynamic Movement
  • Self Defence
  • The Psychology
    of Communication

We Challenge Your Perceptions.
We Challenge Your Future. We Help You Create Your New Life.

A part of my personal journey, my results.




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Muscle score


metabolic age

“Together, always together.
We create a new future - together.”

I would like to share with you a part of my personal journey. I am 60 years of age yet look at these results, my results. It’s fair to say, many people my age have ever so slightly physically slipped down hill and have decreased their physical performance.
I haven’t. In fact I’ve achieved the opposite. This is how and why I created the Alt3 halo programme, to share with you that, together, we have a lot of life yet to live and many dreams yet to achieve. Do not be held back by other people’s limitations. Live your life and live well and be proud of what we can do.
OUR experience, for YOUR benefit.

Do not allow yourself to be held back. The greatest chains there are, are the ones we place on ourselves.

And Why Alt3?

Life is full of choices and alternatives. Each choice has a consequence.

Alternative 1:

Do Nothing And Hope For The Best

Alternative 2:

Do The Bare Minimum And Hope This Is Enough

Alternative 3:

Transform Hope Into Reality

This is Alt3 (alternative 3).

We understand the flow of energy. We believe in change. Progressive change. We believe in transforming hope into reality. Hope is good but simply hoping for the best is not good enough.
This is the time to change for if you don’t do it now … when?

Welcome to Alt3.

Time to transform hope into reality. Time for that greater enlightenment.