Where energy and hope meet the new future.

you should genuinely ask the questions: How would you feel if you had an EXTRA 5 or 10 years of healthy life? What would you do with this time?
We look around the world and we see 7 billion versions of unique and this world full of wondrous opportunity. Yet for many there are increasing restrictions due to age and due to weight.
Just as you are unique, Alt3 is unique and we are exclusive. We seek to help you as an individual overcome many of the restrictions holding you back that have been created by age or weight.

We want to create a new future for you.

How can we do this?

Energy in + Energy out = RESULT

We can do this because we have developed a highly individualistic approach to understanding you, your energy in, your energy out. This is detailed analysis – and increasing mobility specific to you as well as assessing and altering your diet to change your body and your ability to experience.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

Everything hinges on “what do you want to achieve”? Do you want to live longer and healthier? Do you want to have the opportunity to experience more? How do we help you? There are a number of steps:

First step

We conduct a detailed analysis into the food and drink you consume.

second step

We conduct a detailed analysis of your movement and mobility.

third step

If appropriate we enroll you on to Morning Rush

forth step

We make recommendations and we track progress at regular intervals

Fifth step

You increase mobility.
You increase range of movement. You increase your health

An Exclusive & Individualistic Approach

We are unique in our understanding and exclusive in our approach because what we do with you is very time consuming and personal. You expect this – and we deliver. We can only work with a small number of people at one time. We are here to help you achieve those extra years … and experience.

Achievement Requires Movement

Who you are in terms of what you eat and how you move is important. After all … what do you want to achieve? You have dreams. Yet achievement requires movement and movement requires energy. Regardless of restrictions around age or weight, we will work with you to assess and to increase this movement, for you as an individual, with our knowledge creating ways to combat those restrictions so you may rediscover your sense of life and wellbeing – increasing your health. There is nothing stopping you achieving long hidden dreams. You are meant to achieve. You are meant to move. You are meant to live. You are not meant to fade away. The world needs you. So … what would you do if you had more years of healthy life?

This is Alt3.

This is Alt3. We are unique. Our approach to understand the holistic energy levels of you, an individual, is unique. What do we do? We help prolong and enhance life. We help transform hope into reality.