a 21st century renaissance.

A unique combination of modern science entwined with ancient knowledge.

A new you. Reborn. Rediscovered.


Francois Leymone, the apotheosis of hercules, the Royal Chateau Versailles, Paris, France, 1736

How would you feel if you had – for
example – an extra 5 or 10 years of healthy life?
What would you do with this time?

Transform Hope into Reality

Thank you for finding your way here. We are Alt3 and we are dedicated to helping prolong and enhance life, working with you to help transform hope into reality.

The age of enlightenment

This is the dynamic 21st century. The age of enlightenment.
We are living longer. We are doing more. We are experiencing more. We want more. Yet health risks and limitations remain and in some instances increasing. This has an impact on the quality of life where weight and age too often restrict peoples life choices – and we want to be better.

Experience more

We understand the aging process, what causes age and how to minimise the impacts of age. We understand weight and the importance of mobility and functionality and importantly how these main factors are combined.
We have the Alt3 “halo programme”, a highly customised approach where we believe in extending life, flowing with energy, creating extra time for you. Life lived in a healthy, happy manner with a full range of opportunity. Opportunity for all. Opportunity for you within the dynamic 21st century.
Do not allow over weight or age to stop you. There is another way. Be better. Live better. Live longer. Experience more.

Welcome to the health revolution

Life needs to be balanced. There needs to be an enlightenment that is more than physical.
Welcome to Alt3. We are unique. We are exclusive. We want to work with you ONLY if you want to live better. Welcome to the health revolution.

Let’s create a new future for you.

We have developed a highly individualistic approach to understanding you, your energy in, your energy out. We seek to help you as an individual overcome many of the restrictions holding you back that have been created by age or weight.

Our Secret
Potion of Youth

The Alt3 unique blend of ancient superfoods we combined together to create a unique product that, we believe, has the ability to significantly and positively impact a persons life.

Welcome to Alt3.

Time to transform hope into reality. Time for that greater enlightenment.