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No organisation is perfect.

From our experience EVERY organisation has its issues, its idiosynchracies, its quirks. This is good. This is unique. In our experience, EVERY organisation is unique. This is good ... as long as it doesn't negatively impact on performance and / or bottom line profitability.

Regardless of process and flow, every organisation has its own way of doing things. Some of this is cultural. Some of this is a particular management style. Some of this is because o organic growth, maturity and integration. But ... there will come a time when ALL organisations must take a long hard look at themselves and assess the efficiency of the organisation and its operations in light of cost, effectiveness and impact.

Issues and idiosynchracies and quirks are good - but not when they prevent that reach for organisational and operational excellence, not when they start to increase cost and decrease effectiveness, not when they start to impact on the bottom line. This is when things need to change for if an organisation - any organisation - were to ignore the danger signs then, in our experience, the oscillation of increasing cost and decreasing impact begins to spin out of control.

No organisation can afford to be out of control. No organisation can afford to have internal inefficiency. No organisation can afford to have decreasing customer impact.

This is where we come in.

With our expertise in organisational dynamics we can either overtly or covertly assess the state of health of YOUR organisation. We can assess the strengths and weaknesses and give you insight you may not have, or you may have and you need to confirm your suspicions.

We will tell you what's right and what's wrong in order you can make a valued judgement on the creation of efficiency and effectiveness. This is information you need. This is an organisational health check for the dynamic 21st century where no organisation can afford to absorb needless cost or to accept the unacceptable.

We all need to be smart. We all need to work smart. We all need to view a smart future.

We can undertake a healthcheck in one fo two ways:

1. OVERT: engaged as your agents to openly assess the state of programmes, internal processes and the effectiveness of management.

2. COVERT: engaged almost like a "secret shopper" to view the internal dynamics and processes and management in action, reporting to you with all findings.

This is information you need to completely understand your organisation. No one can know everything especially if you are busy. We are your extra eyes to ensure the health of your organisation to ensure the future - a future for everyone free of wasteful and unacceptable practices.

This is what we do. Would you like to know more?

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